The 2015-2016 Cavalette Officer Line is excited to introduce the 34th Line of Cavalettes to new and challenging choreography from Los Angeles. This year, the seven dance officers traveled to LA to experience all the city has to offer the dance community. To begin the week, the officers attended Dancer Palooza, a week long intensive held by world renowned choreographers such as Tyce Diorio, Ray Leeper, Mandy Moore, Mia Miachels, and Kenny Wormald. In addition to Dancer Palooza, the girls got the opportunity to take classes at The EDGE Performing Arts Center and Millennium Dance Complex, where they were introduced to fresh and innovative choreography as well as intense work out programs. The group of young ladies plan to incorporate what they have learned in Los Angeles into the team's warm ups, work outs, routines, and performances. Look out for this year’s Cavalette Officer Line as they lead the 34th Line of Cavalettes to success throughout halftime performances, community appearances, and upcoming dance competitions, including Nationals in March of 2016. Photo in Santa Monica California, Pictured Left to Right: Emily Pustelnyk, Lindy Foster, Hannah Crone, Sydney DeNisio, Cara Lane Charlet, Jessica Guiffrida, Sarah Clemmons

Lake Travis Cavalettes 33rd Line

Pride, Passion, Discipline and The Spirit of Dance!

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